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Surf City Parks And Rec Community Center

There are five courts at Surf City Parks and Rec Community Center in Surf City, North Carolina, which makes it an excellent place for pickleball players to play both indoors and outdoors. Three courts are inside, offering protection from the weather, while two courts are outside, letting players take advantage of the cool seaside wind.

While it’s necessary for players to set up their own lines and carry their own nets, there’s enough room and conveniences provided to make for a comfortable game. The courts are open to everyone in the community and are entirely free to use.

At Surf City Parks and Rec Community Center, players may enjoy important amenities including water stations, toilets, and well-lit courts. Convenience is a top emphasis. For pickleball fans of all ages and skill levels, our facility offers the ideal environment, whether you’re searching for a competitive match or a laid-back game with friends.

Come enjoy the fun of pickleball in a warm, inclusive setting with us at our club in Surf City, North Carolina. It’s the perfect place for pickleball fans to get together, mingle, and play their favorite game thanks to our selection of courts and practical conveniences.

In addition to being a great spot to play pickleball, Surf City Parks and Rec Community Center is a bustling gathering place for enthusiasts from all walks of life. At our facility, you’ll discover a friendly and encouraging environment regardless of experience level. In addition to pickleball, our facility provides a range of family-friendly programming and leisure activities, making it a hub for the neighborhood. Discover additional pickleball courts such as 1st Baptist Church FLC Pickleball Courts in North Carolina, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Surf City Parks And Rec Community Center
201 Community Center Dr, Surf City, NC 28445, USA
Surf City North Carolina 28445
United States
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