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Greetings from Tascosa Golf Club, the top location for pickleball players in Amarillo, Texas. Entwined with the picturesque environs of this esteemed golf club, pickleball lovers will discover a refuge for their beloved game amidst the Texas terrain. The eight concrete courts at Tascosa Golf Club—five of which are outside and three of which are indoors—provide players with plenty of chances to play all year long.

The Tascosa Golf Club’s courts have permanent lines put over a tennis court, giving players a comfortable playing surface. However, because of this arrangement, the net may be a little taller than a typical pickleball net.

Membership is necessary to use the Tascosa Golf Club’s courts, demonstrating the club’s dedication to giving its members a top-notch playing experience. But once you’re a member, you’ll also have the bonus of being able to reserve the courts whenever it’s most convenient for you, so you may play without interruption anytime you choose.

We provide players with access to a variety of amenities to improve their experience in addition to its excellent courts. Everything you need is available at the facility, whether you need refreshments after a heated game or a short bathroom break in between games. Tascosa Golf Club makes sure that golfers may remain comfortable and focused throughout their time on the course by providing amenities including food, water, and bathrooms.

In conclusion, Tascosa Golf Club, which has eight concrete courts—six of which are indoor and outdoor—is the best place for pickleball fans in Amarillo, Texas. Discover additional pickleball courts such as 5 Soul Pickleball courts in Spicewood in Texas, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Tascosa Golf Club
19 Country Club Dr, Amarillo, TX, 79124, USA
Amarillo Texas 79124
United States
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