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Sunshine R/V Resort

Sunshine R/V Resort is a top pickleball resort in Lake Placid, Florida. Its four outdoor asphalt courts make for an ideal setting for thrilling matches in peaceful surroundings. With their permanent lines and nets, these specialized courts guarantee that every rally offers players the authentic feel of the game.

Players must pay a one-time charge to get admission to the courts . This price gives them unlimited court time and lets them enjoy the complete pickleball experience. Players may also conveniently reserve the courts in advance, which guarantees them their desired playing hours and lets them make the most of their stay.

Sunshine R/V Resort puts the comfort and convenience of its patrons first, including necessities like wheelchair accessible and bathrooms. Our Court offers a friendly environment where players of all skill levels may congregate, mingle, and enjoy the thrill of pickleball, regardless of whether they are seasoned players seeking competitive matches or novices trying to pick up the basics. More than just a pickleball court, Sunshine R/V Resort serves as a community hub where players form strong friendships and lifelong memories.

Come play pickleball in Lake Placid, Florida, and see why it’s one of the most popular locations in the region. Our Court ensures that every player who steps onto its courts has an incredible time thanks to its first-rate amenities, well-maintained courts, and active pickleball community. Discover additional pickleball courts such as 17th Avenue West Park Pickleball Court Bradenton in Florida, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Sunshine R/V Resort
303 State Rte 70 E, Lake Placid, FL, 33852, USA
Lake Placid Florida 33852
United States
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