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St. Clair Open Play- City Hall

Welcome to St. Clair Open Play, where pickleball fans congregate for an exciting match on our indoor court at City Hall in St. Clair, Missouri! Our facility has a single, immaculately kept court with permanent lines that follow rules, making sure that everyone may play fairly and accurately.

Players are kindly asked to provide their own net to set up for play, even though we offer the permanent court lines and other necessary equipment for your games. This guarantees you have all you require to fully enjoy your time on the court.

You must pay a one-time charge to use our pickleball court, but once you do, you’ll have endless chances to play and participate in this thrilling activity. Our court encourages players of all ages and ability levels to come enjoy themselves, whether they are novices or seasoned competitors.

Our facility has restrooms so that you may freshen up before, during, or after your games as part of our dedication to your comfort and convenience. Furthermore, during your stay, our welcoming team is there to help with any queries or requirements you may have.

We at St. Clair Open Play at City Hall think pickleball has the ability to unite individuals, encourage physical exercise, and develop a feeling of community. Our friendly environment and well-maintained court offer the ideal environment for players to interact, compete, and take pleasure in the companionship that accompanies this cherished sport.

Experience the fun of pickleball in St. Clair, Missouri, by joining us , whether you’re searching for a competitive match or a laid-back game with friends. Come play pickleball with us at City Hall with your friends and your paddle! Discover additional pickleball courts such as Banner Park in Missouri, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

St. Clair Open Play- City Hall
1 Paul Parks Dr, Saint Clair, MO, 63077, USA
St Clair Missouri 63077
United States
Phone: 3146071785
Url: http://stclairmo.us/
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