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Springfield Oaks Activity Center

Welcome to the thrilling indoor pickleball experience at the Springfield Oaks Activity Center in Davisburg, MI! With four indoor courts at our facility, players may have plenty of space to play the game no matter the weather outside.

Permanent lines on every court  provide a level playing field that satisfies official pickleball regulations. Furthermore, there are portable nets that are available, which make it simple to put up and modify to suit varying skill levels and gaming preferences.

The fact that using the courts  is totally free is only one of the numerous benefits of pickleball. We invite you to come play a free game on our courts, whether you live here or are just visiting. Players may enjoy excellent playing conditions as well as lights, which enables them to play long into the night. With our brightly illuminated courts, you may play when it’s convenient for you, be it during the day or at dusk.

So grab a paddle, get your buddies together, and make plans to visit Springfield Oaks Activity Center for a memorable pickleball match. It’s not surprising that pickleball fans in Davisburg, Michigan frequent Springfield Oaks Activity Center with its well-maintained courts, practical facilities, and friendly ambiance. We hope to see you on the courts soon! Discover additional pickleball courts such as Action Sport Center pickleball courts in South Lyon in Michigan, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Springfield Oaks Activity Center
12451 Andersonville Rd, Davisburg, MI, 48350, USA
Davisburg Michigan 48350
United States
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