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South Strand Recreation Center

Here you will find the best place to play pickleball in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: the South Strand Recreation Center! Players can enjoy the game all year round in a convenient and comfortable setting thanks to our facility’s four indoor wood courts. Although players have access to portable nets for convenience, the courts’ permanent lines guarantee uniformity in gameplay.

Bring your net, though, because these excellent facilities are provided free of charge at the South Strand Recreation Center. There are no costs associated with playing pickleball at our facility, whether you live nearby or are simply visiting.

The South Strand Recreation Center offers players not just great playing conditions but also restrooms for added convenience. With these on-site conveniences, it’s simple to stay comfortable and refreshed during your game.

Although reservations are not available for our courts, players are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis. This makes sure that every player has equitable access to the courts and lets everyone play pickleball whenever they choose.

Our indoor wood courts offer a cozy playing surface that makes for easy and entertaining gameplay. Our courts are designed to accommodate players of all ability levels, whether you’re a novice looking to pick up some skills or an expert looking to compete.

Pickleball fans in Myrtle Beach are united by the South Strand Recreation Center. There’s a nice environment where players can bond and enjoy the sport together, whether they’re playing a friendly match or competing in a tournament.

For those who enjoy pickleball in Myrtle Beach, South Strand Center provides four indoor wood courts. Our center has everything you need for an amazing pickleball experience, including permanent lines, portable nets, free entry, and restrooms.

South Strand Recreation Center
9650 Scipio Ln, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588, USA
Myrtle Beach South Carolina 29588
United States
Phone: 8439155333
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