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Lake Wales Tennis Courts

Lake Wales Tennis Courts in Lake Wales, FL, is a popular pickleball location, offering a high-quality facility with everything players need for a pleasurable experience. This site has six outdoor asphalt courts, giving pickleball aficionados plenty of space to play matches and tournaments while enjoying the great Florida weather.

Management carefully lays out permanent lines on the courts to ensure precision and consistency during play. While players must bring their own nets, they ensure that the venue is well-maintained and ready for pickleball. The usage of fixed lines improves the court’s professional atmosphere, allowing players to concentrate on their game without distraction.

In addition to high-quality playing surfaces, Lake Wales Tennis Courts provides a variety of amenities to enhance the entire player experience. Restrooms are readily located on-site, ensuring players’ comfort and convenience throughout their visit. We also offer water stations to keep players hydrated during the matches.

The availability of lights on the courts allows for longer playing hours, giving players the option to enjoy pickleball late into the evening. Whether you prefer daytime matches or evening games under the lights, Lake Wales Tennis Courts accommodates players’ choices, allowing everyone to play when it is convenient for them.

Best of all, entry to the courts is absolutely free, making pickleball available to everyone in the community. Lake Wales Tennis Court’s encourages pickleball players of all skill levels to enjoy the sport in a pleasant and supportive environment. Lake Wales Tennis Courts continues to be a popular pickleball location in Lake Wales, FL, thanks to its high-quality facilities, convenient amenities, and pleasant atmosphere. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Academy at the Farm in Florida, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport. 

Lake Wales Tennis Courts
E Sessoms Ave, Lake Wales, FL, 33853, USA
Lake Wales Florida 33853
United States
Phone: 8636784182
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