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At the Academy at the Farm in Dade City, Florida, enjoy a game of pickleball! In this well-known location’s lovely setting, pickleball players of all skill levels are welcome to play. For pickleball players looking for an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere, the Academy offers a unique outdoor environment.

Pickleball players must bring their own nets when playing at the Academy at the Farm. Players can customize their playing experience to fit their desired playing style by setting the preferred net height and tension with this function. You can design a court that suits your individual preferences if you bring your own net.

A membership is necessary to use the pickleball courts at the Academy at the Farm. Players have the chance to fully engage themselves in the lively pickleball community thanks to this membership. Additionally, the membership provides access to a range of facilities features, and services, ensuring that every player has a satisfying and well-rounded experience.

The Academy at the Farm welcomes its stunning outdoor surroundings, fostering a calm environment for pickleball enthusiasts. It’s the perfect place to connect with nature while playing your favorite sport because of the stunning surroundings and well-kept courts that improve the atmosphere overall. The sensation of playing pickleball in such a calm setting can be significantly enhanced.

For enthusiasts of pickleball, the Academy at the Farm in Dade City, Florida, offers an especially unique and lovely location. While there are no permanent courts at the Academy at the Farm, the brief existence of the structure allows for flexibility and adjustment. This adaptability encourages players to adjust to various playing environments and enables the exploration of various court configurations.

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Academy at the Farm
9500 Alex Lange Way, Dade City, FL, 33525, USA
Dade City Florida 33525
United States
Phone: (352) 588-9737
Url: https://www.academyatthefarm.com/
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