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Kingston High School Pickleball Court

Welcome to Kingston High School, a popular pickleball site in Cadet, Missouri! Our school has a unique outdoor wood court for pickleball players to enjoy, providing a pleasant environment for players of all skill levels to socialize and play.

Our school grounds have a single outdoor wood court dedicated to pickleball. While the court is free to use, players must provide their own equipment, including nets, and draw their own lines. This DIY approach lends a sense of inventiveness and flexibility to the game, allowing players to tailor their playing experience to their preferences.

Despite the requirement to draw your own lines and supply your own net, our outdoor wood court at Kingston High School provides a level playing surface for pickleball matches. The calm settings of the school grounds give the ideal setting for participants to immerse themselves in the game and compete in a friendly environment.

In addition to the pickleball court, Kingston High School provides a variety of amenities to enhance the entire experience for players. Restrooms are strategically positioned around the facility, allowing players easy access during their pickleball sessions.

Kingston High School recognizes the value of staying active and engaged, and our pickleball court allows players to accomplish just that. Whether you’re an experienced player seeking for a difficult match or a beginner eager to learn, our court welcomes players of all ages and ability levels.

Come enjoy the thrill of pickleball at Kingston High School, where fun and companionship await you! Our outdoor wood court is the ideal venue for players to enjoy the game and socialize with other aficionados in Cadet, MO. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Activity And Recreation Center in Missouri, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Kingston High School Pickleball Court
10047 Diamond Rd, Cadet, MO 63630, USA
Cadet Missouri 63630
United States
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