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Juneau Park Pickeball Court

Greetings from Juneau Park, the exciting center of pickleball action located in the center of Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Step onto one of our six immaculately kept outdoor hard courts and experience the thrilling environment that welcomes players of all ages and ability levels to enjoy the excitement of the game.

The welcoming sight of our immaculate pickleball courts awaits you as soon as you enter Juneau Park. Each court is marked with permanent lines that guarantee accuracy and precision during every game. Although participants must provide their own nets, the permanent lines are convenient because they remove the necessity for constant setup, freeing you time to concentrate on the game itself.

Juneau Park is the epitome of accessibility, with free use of the courts for pickleball enthusiasts. Because of this dedication to inclusivity, pickleball will always be a sport that anybody can enjoy, regardless of their ability to pay. Our pickleball courts provide a welcoming environment where competition and friendship flourish, regardless of your level of experience.

Although there is a lot of demand for the courts at Juneau Park, reservations are not accepted. The first-come, first-served rule guarantees equity and equal chances for all participants, enabling everyone to experience the thrill of pickleball. So grab your paddle and come out for a fun-filled day of competitive play in the sun.

Set in the gorgeous Juneau Park neighborhood of Milwaukee, our pickleball courts offer a magnificent backdrop for your pickleball excursions. After a thrilling game, pause to appreciate the natural beauty of the park and the companionship of your fellow players. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Albrecht Elementary School in Wisconsin, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Juneau Park Pickeball Court
N 66th St, Milwaukee, WI, 53213, USA
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53213
United States
Phone: 4142570098
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