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Garvey Senior Center

The Garvey Senior Center, located in the heart of Leonardtown, Maryland, is a distinguished destination for pickleball enthusiasts looking for a tailored and welcoming space to engage in their favorite sport. This senior-focused facility features four meticulously designed outdoor concrete courts that serve as the focal point for pickleball enthusiasts aged 50 and up.

The outdoor courts at the Garvey Senior Center demonstrate the facility’s dedication to providing a unique and authentic pickleball experience. These dedicated courts have permanent lines and nets, ensuring a safe playing environment. The attention to detail not only improves the overall playing experience, but also reflects the center’s commitment to creating an inclusive space specifically tailored to the needs and preferences of senior players.

As part of the comprehensive facility, the Garvey Senior Center provides essential amenities such as restrooms, ensuring that players have access to comfort and convenience during their pickleball sessions. This thoughtful addition demonstrates the center’s commitment to providing a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for its visitors.

It is important to note that these courts are exclusively reserved for individuals aged 50 and older, creating an environment where seniors can come together, stay active, and enjoy the sport of pickleball within a community of their peers. In conclusion, the Garvey Senior Center in Leonardtown, MD, is a distinguished pickleball destination, providing four dedicated outdoor concrete courts with permanent lines and nets, essential amenities, and a private setting tailored to the enjoyment of individuals aged 50 and older. Come experience the joy of pickleball in a community that values recreation, camaraderie, and the well-being of its senior players. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Arthur Capper Recreation Center in Maryland, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Garvey Senior Center
23630 Hayden Farm Ln, Leonardtown, MD, 20650, USA
Leonardtown Maryland 20650
United States
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