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Welcome to Central Baptist Church in Crossville, Tennessee, the go-to location for pickleball aficionados! Our church is not only a place of worship, but also a hub for leisure activities, and we’re excited to provide a dedicated location for pickleball enthusiasts. Come play a game on one of our three well-maintained indoor courts and feel the thrill of this fascinating sport.

Our three indoor pickleball courts are designed to be both comfortable and entertaining to play on. Our court lines are permanent and thoroughly maintained, providing distinct boundaries for your games. You can concentrate on your shots and plans without having to worry about fading lines.

All you need to get started is your own net. We supply the court, and you supply the net to set up and play your games. This collaboration lets us to provide these facilities at no cost, making pickleball available to the whole Crossville community.

Central Baptist Church places a premium on your comfort and convenience. We have amenities in place to improve your playing experience, such as toilets, drink to keep you hydrated during intense matches, and well-lit courts for evening play. We have you covered whether you prefer to play in the morning or beneath the stars.

Our warm pickleball community at Central Baptist Church is known for its accepting and inclusive culture. Whether you’re an experienced player or just getting started, you’ll discover like-minded people eager to share their love of the game.It’s a terrific way to mingle, meet new people, and enjoy the companionship that pickleball provides.

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Central Baptist Church
1346 S Main St, Crossville, TN, 38555, USA
Crossville Tennessee 38555
United States
Phone: 9314848426
Url: https://www.cbccrossville.org/
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