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Augusta County Rec Center

Augusta County Rec Center, located in Fishersville, Virginia, is an excellent destination for pickleball enthusiasts. The facility offers a total of five courts, with three located indoors and two outdoors. This provides players with the flexibility to enjoy the sport in different settings depending on their preferences and weather conditions.

All five pickleball courts at Augusta County Rec Center have permanent lines, ensuring consistent and accurate gameplay. Additionally, portable nets are available for easy setup, allowing players to start their games promptly and conveniently.

One fantastic aspect of Augusta County Rec Centre is that the courts are free to use. This makes it a cost-effective option for individuals and groups looking to play pickleball without any additional financial burden. The facility’s commitment to providing free access to the courts encourages more people to participate in the sport and promotes an inclusive and active community.

Furthermore, players have access to restrooms within the facility. This amenity ensures that individuals can take necessary breaks and have convenient access to facilities during their pickleball sessions.

Overall, Augusta County Rec Center in Fishersville, VA, offers a wonderful pickleball experience. With its five courts, a combination of indoor and outdoor options, permanent lines, and portable nets, players have all the necessary resources for an enjoyable game. The added benefit of free court usage and access to restrooms makes it an appealing choice for pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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Augusta County Rec Center
189 Hornet Rd, Fishersville, VA, 22939, USA
Fishersville Virginia 22939
UNited State
Phone: 5402455727
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