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Alaska Club Eagle River

Alaska Club Eagle River

Visit Alaska Club Eagle River in the thriving Alaskan city of Anchorage to take part in the thrilling and frantic sport of pickleball. For pickleball players of all skill levels, Alaska Club Eagle River provides the ideal location with its cutting-edge amenities and warm atmosphere. Pickleball players can enjoy one indoor court designated particularly for …

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Craig City Gym court

Craig City Gym

The Craig City Gym provides the setting for exciting games and companionship with its two immaculately kept indoor wood courts. The gym stands out for its commitment to offering a seamless and welcoming pickleball experience. The gym’s commitment to offering a seamless and inviting pickleball experience sets it apart from other facilities. The courts have …

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Craig High School pickleball court

Craig High School

Discover the pickleball sanctuary at Craig High School, a beloved location tucked away in the lively neighborhood of Klawock, Alaska. Craig High School provides an amazing setting for players of all ability levels. To congregate and enjoy the game with its two immaculately kept indoor wood courts. The focus on delivering a seamless and fun …

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Eagle River Park

Eagle River Park

Pickleball players get a wonderful opportunity to play the game in a gorgeous outdoor environment in Eagle River Park, which is tucked away in the center of Anchorage, Alaska. With its two immaculate hard courts, this park provides the ideal setting for pickleball players of all ability levels to play exhilarating matches. The ingenious superimposition …

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Fairbanks North Star Borough Big Dipper

The Fairbanks North Star Borough Big Dipper stands out among the pristine landscapes of Fairbanks, Alaska, as a prominent destination for pickleball enthusiasts, providing an exceptional outdoor venue that harmonizes with the breathtaking northern surroundings. The Big Dipper, with its five dedicated outdoor concrete courts, has become a focal point for those seeking the exhilaration …

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Gateway Recreation Center

Gateway Recreation Center

The Gateway Recreation Center is one of Ketchikan, Alaska’s finest pickleball destinations. It has two excellent indoor courts that invite players to participate in this exhilarating sport. These courts are a refuge for those looking for a lively pickleball experience, tucked away within this bustling center. Furthermore, the permanent placement of these lines signifies a …

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