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Gateway Recreation Center

The Gateway Recreation Center is one of Ketchikan, Alaska’s finest pickleball destinations. It has two excellent indoor courts that invite players to participate in this exhilarating sport. These courts are a refuge for those looking for a lively pickleball experience, tucked away within this bustling center.

Furthermore, the permanent placement of these lines signifies a steadfast dedication to maintaining a playing surface of professional caliber. This commitment significantly enhances the entire pickleball experience, catering to players of varying abilities and elevating the game to a higher standard.

Portable nets are thoughtfully given to aid in play, guaranteeing a hassle-free setup and permitting unbroken bouts. Moreover, these facilities are convenient as they expedite the process, enabling participants to jump right into the game. This creates an atmosphere that actively encourages engaging play and fosters a sense of dynamism among players.

Gateway Recreation Center is a shining example of accessibility and inclusivity. The fact that these courts are open to the public at no cost highlights the center’s dedication to creating a friendly atmosphere for all pickleball players. Players from all backgrounds can join together in an inclusive environment.

These courts have an attraction that goes beyond the actual game. The Gateway Recreation Center, a dynamic hub for pickleball enthusiasts, offers an array of features and services aimed at enhancing the overall player experience. From the cozy adjacent seating areas to the convenience of accessible restrooms. The opportunity to engage in post-game conversations at meeting places at the center ensures a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

The players’ excitement and companionship on the indoor courts at Gateway Recreation Center create an environment where the love of the game grows.

Gateway Recreation Center
601 Schoenbar Rd, Ketchikan, AK 99901, USA
Ketchikan Alaska 99901
United States
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