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Welcome to Stonegate Swim Club, Salem, Virginia’s top pickleball destination. Our three outdoor hard courts, tucked away in this energetic city, are proof of our dedication to offering top-notch facilities for players of all skill levels.

Every time you take the court, you can be sure of ideal playing conditions and a genuine pickleball experience thanks to the permanent lines and nets on these specialized courts. Our courts are the ideal venue for casual games, competitive matches, and any occasion in between, regardless of your level of experience with a paddle.

The Stonegate Swim Club’s pickleball courts are a member-only area, therefore only individuals with a membership may use them. This guarantees that our courts will always be available to those who are genuinely enthusiastic about the game, fostering an environment that is friendly and encouraging for all participants.

Apart from our outstanding courts, Stonegate Swim Club has several facilities that aim to improve your game. While you’re on the court, you may stay comfortable and conveniently close to the restrooms. In order to keep you hydrated and rejuvenated while you play, water stations are also accessible.

In addition to pickleball, Stonegate Swim Club provides its members with a wide range of events and activities, fostering social contact and community involvement. There’s something for everyone at Stonegate Swim Club, whether you want to get better at what you do, meet new people, or just kick back by the pool.

Why then wait? Come see why Stonegate Swim Club is one of the most well-liked pickleball venues in Salem, Virginia. Discover additional pickleball courts such as ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center- Albemarle Square in Virginia, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Stonegate Swim Club
856 Stonegate Dr, Salem, VA, 24153, USA
Salem Virginia 24153
United States
Phone: 5404440025
Url: http://www.stonegateswimclub.com/
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