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Speedway Sports Complex

Welcome to Speedway Sports Complex, Lincoln’s leading pickleball location for anyone seeking high-quality indoor facilities and a lively community atmosphere. Speedway Sports Complex, located in the middle of the city, provides a unique pickleball experience with its broad assortment of indoor wood courts.

Speedway Sports Complex has an astounding total of 18 perfectly kept indoor wood courts, providing players with a roomy and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy pickleball year-round. The fixed lines on the courts assure consistency and precision in gaming, allowing players to concentrate on their talents and plans without interruption.

While players must supply their own nets, portable nets allow for easy setup and enjoyment of matches. This membership provides players with exclusive access to the facilities and the opportunity to book courts, allowing for greater flexibility and ease when scheduling matches and assuring court availability.

In addition to excellent playing fields, We provide a variety of amenities to ensure players’ comfort and convenience. Players may enjoy a hassle-free experience at the complex, which includes toilets, hydration stations, and evening play lighting.

The dynamic community environment attracts pickleball lovers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re searching for friendly competition or simply want to enjoy the game with friends, We welcome you to come and experience the thrill of pickleball in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In summary, We provide a top indoor playing experience for pickleball enthusiasts in Lincoln, complete with wood courts, permanent lines, and a variety of facilities. Come experience the thrill of pickleball at Speedway Sports Complex today! Discover additional pickleball courts such as Via Cresta Pickleball Courts in California, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Speedway Sports Complex
315 Speedway Cir, Lincoln, NE, 68502, USA
Lincoln Nebraska 68502
United States
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