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South Portland Community Center

The South Portland Community Center in South Portland, Maine, is the venue for an entertaining pickleball match. Come play with us! No matter the weather outside, players may enjoy plenty of room on our six indoor wood courts at our facility.

With electricity, water, and restrooms available, the South Portland Community Center is a prime example of convenience. Our facilities can accommodate your needs, whether you’re looking for a short respite or want to stay hydrated throughout hard games. You may even play pickleball into the evening hours as lights are available.

A one-time fee is needed to access these wonderful facilities. You may play pickleball as much as you like without worrying about incurring extra fees.

Pickleball fans of all skill levels can visit the South Portland Community Center. We have something for everyone in our friendly environment, whether you’re a novice hoping to pick up the basics or an experienced player searching for competitive battles. Every time you take the court, you can play with ease and enjoyment since our wood courts provide great playing conditions.

In addition to the sport, the South Portland Community Center helps players develop a sense of camaraderie. Meeting and interacting with other pickleball aficionados will give you the chance to form relationships and friendships. Our institution is a favorite among both locals and visitors because of the welcoming and supportive environment.

In conclusion, join us for an incredible pickleball experience at the South Portland Community. Our facility has everything you need for a great day of play, including six indoor wood courts, temporary nets, permanent lines, and handy amenities. This community facility has everything you might want, including entertainment, physical activity, and friendly competition. We’re eager to meet you on the courts!

South Portland Community Center
21 Nelson Rd, South Portland, ME, 04106, USA
South Portland Maine 04106
United States
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