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Settlemier Park Pickleball Courts in Woodburn

Settlemier Park, located in the center of Woodburn, Oregon, has established itself as one of the area’s most popular pickleball sites, encouraging players of all skill levels to participate in the thrilling sport of pickleball on its 2 outdoor hard courts.

Settlemier Park’s court structure is unique, with pickleball lines overlaying a tennis court. This unique layout gives adaptability to the playing experience, although it results in a somewhat taller net than a regular pickleball net. This feature, however, adds to the complexity and variety of play by encouraging players to adapt their abilities to a unique court arrangement.

Settlemier Park prioritizes player convenience and comfort, providing access to essential amenities such as restrooms to ensure players can enjoy uninterrupted court time. The availability of water on-site provides a refreshing touch, allowing players to stay hydrated during strenuous games. Furthermore, the placement of lights on the courts extends the playing hours into the evening, allowing pickleball enthusiasts to enjoy the game even after the sun has set.

Settlemier Park’s commitment to accessibility is evident in the fact that the courts are open to the public for free. This inclusive approach develops a feeling of community, inviting players from all walks of life to come together and enjoy the sport without financial constraints. Settlemier Park’s commitment to offering free access to high-quality pickleball courts is consistent with the organization’s purpose of encouraging physical activity and community engagement.

Settlemier Park Pickleball Courts in Woodburn
400 S Settlemier Ave, Woodburn, OR, 97071, USA
Woodburn Oregon 97071
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