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Rice Middle School Pickleball Court Texas

Visit Rice Middle School Pickleball Court Texas, to play pickleball! There is plenty of space for pickleball fans to enjoy the game on the four outdoor hard courts that the school offers. These courts are distinct from others because the lines are superimposed on a tennis court, giving rise to a net that is marginally higher than a typical pickleball net. In spite of this distinction, pickleball players of all skill levels can enjoy a fantastic playing surface on the courts.

The fact that the courts are open to the public for free is one of the many benefits of playing at Rice Middle School. Players can also enjoy the convenience of pre-reserving the courts, which guarantees them a playing time slot and removes any possibility of waiting.

Rice Middle School Pickleball Court Texas is conveniently located in Plano, Texas, and offers a friendly atmosphere for players of all ages and abilities. Rice Middle School provides a venue for pickleball enthusiasts of all skill levels to enjoy the game, whether they are novices hoping to pick up the basics or seasoned pros looking for a competitive match.

Players at Rice Middle School have access to restrooms in addition to top-notch courts, which helps to ensure their comfort during games. The school’s well-kept courts and welcoming personnel demonstrate its dedication to offering a first-rate pickleball experience.

Ultimately, pickleball aficionados will find Rice Middle School in Plano, Texas, to be an excellent choice. With its convenient amenities, friendly atmosphere, and outdoor hard courts, the school provides players with everything they need for a great pickleball experience. Rice Middle School offers a friendly environment for all pickleball fans, regardless of experience level.

Rice Middle School Pickleball Court Texas
8500 Gifford Dr, Plano, TX, 75025, USA
Plano Texas 75025
United States
Phone: (469) 752-6000
Url: https://www.pisd.edu/rice
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