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Old Junior High Gym Pickleball Court

Welcome to the Old Junior High Gym, the finest pickleball location in Wheatland, Wyoming! Nestled in the center of Wheatland, this historic gymnasium provides a pleasant and roomy atmosphere for players to gather and enjoy the sport of pickleball.

The Old Junior High Gym features three indoor wood courts dedicated solely to pickleball. These courts have permanent lines precisely painted onto the surface, assuring precise bounds for gameplay. Additionally, portable nets are available, allowing participants to set up and enjoy pickleball matches whenever they want.

One distinguishing feature of the Old Junior High Gym is that court reservations are not necessary. This open-access policy allows players to drop in and play pickleball whenever they choose, with no need for any planning. Whether you’re seeking for a spontaneous game or a regular gathering with friends, the Pickleball courts inside the Old Junior High Gym are always open for free play.

Convenience and comfort are primary objectives in the Old Junior High Gym. The facility has necessary conveniences such as lights, allowing participants to enjoy pickleball matches even in the nighttime. Restrooms and drink stations are also accessible on-site, adding convenience to players’ visits.

The Old Junior High Gym invites pickleball players of all skill levels, whether they are experienced or new to the sport. Whether you want to develop your skills, mingle with other players, or simply have fun on the court, the Old Junior High Gym’s in Wheatland, Wyoming, offers a pleasant environment and many of opportunities to play pickleball. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Campbell County Rec Center in Wyoming, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Old Junior High Gym Pickleball Court
12th St, Wheatland, WY, 82201, USA
Wheatland Wyoming 82201
United States
Phone: 3073311098
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