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Old Elementary School Gym Pickleball Court

Welcome to Cameron, Wisconsin’s famous pickleball hotspot, the Old Elementary School Gym! Nestled in the center of the community, this historic gymnasium has been turned into a bustling pickleball hub with two indoor courts for players to enjoy.

When you go inside the Old Elementary School Gym, you’ll notice permanent lines neatly painted on the gym floor, outlining the bounds of play with precision. These permanent fixings assure stability and accuracy throughout matches, allowing participants to concentrate on the excitement of the game without distractions.

While the lines are permanent, players can use portable nets to complete the arrangement. This versatility enables players to personalize the court layout, delivering a realistic pickleball experience adapted to each player’s needs.

Convenience and comfort are primary objectives in the Old Elementary School Gym. The facility provides basic amenities such as restrooms, which adds convenience for players throughout their visit. Whether you’re playing a fast match with friends or taking part in a competition, the Old Elementary School Gym has everything you need for a comfortable and fun pickleball experience.

Best of all, using the courts in the Old Elementary School’s Gym is absolutely free of charge. This inclusive strategy ensures that pickleball is available to everyone in the community, regardless of age, skill level, or financial circumstances. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, the Old Elementary School’s Gym in Cameron, Wisconsin, offers a pleasant atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to enjoy pickleball. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Algoma Community Wellness Center in Wisconsin, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Old Elementary School Gym Pickleball Court
600 Wisconsin Ave, Cameron, WI, 54822, USA
Cameron Wisconsin 54822
United States
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