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Marengo Pickleball Courts in Union

Marengo Pickleball, located in the adorable town of Union, Illinois, is popular among pickleball enthusiasts. This dedicated facility, which includes three indoor concrete courts, is a haven for pickleball lovers. Whether you’re an expert player or a newbie eager to explore the intriguing world of pickleball, Marengo Pickleball provides a pleasant and well-equipped gathering place for aficionados.

Marengo Pickleball’s indoor facility allows for year-round play, protecting players from the elements and providing a pleasant environment for focused and fun matches. The three concrete courts feature permanent lines that precisely delineate the boundaries, contributing to the facility’s professional environment. The permanent markings help to create a consistent playing experience, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the strategic and dynamic character of pickleball.

To further enhance the player experience, Marengo Pickleball provides portable nets for use on the courts.This thoughtful provision ensures convenience and flexibility, allowing players to set up for a game without the need to bring their equipment. The availability of portable nets adds an extra layer of accessibility, making at Marengo an accessible and hassle-free experience for all.

To partake in the pickleball excitement at Marengo Pickleball, players are required to pay a one-time fee.This fee contributes to the maintenance and upkeep of the facility, ensuring that players can continue to enjoy a high-quality pickleball experience. It also helps sustain the vibrant pickleball community that Marengo Pickleball has cultivated in Union, Illinois.

Marengo Pickleball Courts in Union
6821 Main St, Union, IL 60180, USA
Union Illinois 60180
Phone: 8155058224
Url: https://stjohnsluth.org/
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