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Modern pickleball courts are one of several opulent amenities and breathtaking mountain views offered by the Linville Ridge Country Club. The pickleball courts at the Linville Ridge Country were superbly designed. Players benefit from the best grip and consistent ball bounce thanks to the skillfully created playing surface. Perfectly designed court lines provide for excellent vision and precise shot placement.

In addition to the outstanding courts, Linville Ridge provides a number of facilities to improve the pickleball experience. Players can take advantage of relaxing lounging areas that are ideal for resting and unwinding in between games. The committed staff at the club is always there to help and make sure that players have all they need for a fun time on the courts. Players who don’t own their own equipment can obtain high-quality paddles and balls through the club’s equipment rental services.

The pickleball courts at Linville Ridge Country Club provide an unmatched experience whether you are an experienced player or new to the game. So come and enjoy the grandeur of Linville Ridge while playing pickleball in this stunning mountain retreat. Members can take part in coaching sessions and clinics to hone their abilities and meet other pickleball fans.

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Linville Ridge Country Club
2245 NC 105 Hwy, Linville, NC, 28646, USA
Linville North Carolina 28646
united states
Phone: 7346456900
Url: http://www.linvilleridge.com/
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