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Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA Pickleball Court

The Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA, located in the center of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a must-see for Pickleball aficionados looking for an unforgettable playing experience. This YMCA facility, known as one of the most sought-after places in the area, provides a welcome haven for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the exhilarating sport amidst first-rate facilities and services.

Players at the Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA have access to six courts, with options for indoor and outdoor play. With four outdoor courts and two indoor courts, players may play Pickleball all year, regardless of the weather. The permanent court lines maintain accurate limits for each match, giving athletes a reliable and consistent playing surface on which to demonstrate their abilities.

While the Pickleball court lines are permanent, participants are encouraged to bring their own nets to set up for games. Despite this small requirement, the Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA offers a warm and welcoming environment for Pickleball lovers to spend hours playing and competing.

A membership is necessary to use the Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA’s pickleball courts. This membership not only gives players exclusive access to the facilities, but it also fosters a sense of community and belonging in the thriving YMCA environment. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the friendship and encouragement of your peers make every visit to the Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA’s a memorable and gratifying one.

Finally, the Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA is a shining example of excellence for Pickleball aficionados in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, providing first-rate facilities, vital amenities, and a welcoming environment for players to fully enjoy the sport. The Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA commits to delivering a great playing experience. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Adam Ricci Community Park in Pennsylvania, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Lampeter-Strasburg Family YMCA Pickleball Court
800 Village Rd, Lancaster, PA, 17602, USA
Lancaster Pennsylvania 17602
United States
Phone: 7174644000
Url: https://www.rosesymca.org/
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