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Kalaheo Neighborhood Center Pickleball Court

Welcome to the best place in the peaceful village of Kalaheo, Hawaii for pickleball excitement—the Kalaheo Neighborhood Center! Enter to find four warm indoor hard courts where pickleball players of all abilities can enjoy the excitement of the game.

The immaculate indoor hard courts are the focal point of the Kalaheo Neighborhood Center. Permanent lines adorn these designated areas, guaranteeing accuracy and precision throughout every game. Furthermore, it is easy and convenient for players to set up their games because portable nets are widely accessible.

You’ll be engrossed in the lively environment of the Kalaheo Neighborhood Center as you participate in energetic rallies and calculated plays on the courts. The facility provides a friendly setting where participants can get together to enjoy their preferred sport while bonding with other aficionados.

The Kalaheo Neighborhood Center offers amenities for your pleasure and convenience in addition to pickleball. To make sure you have the best possible gaming experience, amenities like bathrooms are available. These amenities are conveniently close by, whether you’re taking a quick break between games or in the middle of an intense match.

The best part is that there is no cost to use the Kalaheo Neighborhood Center’s pickleball courts. Pickleball will always be an accessible sport because of this dedication to the game, regardless of one’s ability to pay. So grab your paddle and come play with us for a free, exciting game!

Although there is a lot of demand for the courts at the Kalaheo Neighborhood Center, reservations are not accepted. The first-come, first-served rule guarantees equity and equal chances for all participants, enabling everyone to experience the thrill of pickleball. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Ala Moana Tennis Court in Hawaii. Where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Kalaheo Neighborhood Center Pickleball Court
4480 Papalina Rd, Kalaheo, HI, 96741, USA
Kalaheo Hawaii 96741
United States
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