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K C Geiger Pickleball Court

Experience the pulse of pickleball fever at K C Geiger Park, one of the top locations in Van Wert, Ohio for fans of this exhilarating and quick-paced sport. K C Geiger Park is a well-liked gathering place for the local pickleball community. With seven immaculate outdoor courts where players gather for pleasant matches and exciting competitions.

K C Geiger Park’s pickleball courts are professionally designed. With nets and permanent lines to give players a level playing field every time. These excellent facilities accommodate players of all ability levels. Whether they are novices or seasoned competitors improving their talents, creating a friendly atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the game.

The public’s open access to the courts is one of K C Geiger Park’s most notable characteristics. This dedication to provide free and unrestricted admission is in line with the park’s community-driven philosophy, enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy pickleball without worrying about money.

At K C Geiger Park, the enthusiasm doesn’t let up as the sun sets over Van Wert. Pickleball players can prolong their matches and continue to enjoy the game even after dusk thanks to the strategically placed lights that guarantee the activity can continue into the evening.

Experience the excitement of pickleball at K C Geiger Park’s. Whether you’re a local, passing through, or keen to become involved in the active community in Van Wert. This park, which has designated courts, free admission, and opportunities for evening play, is evidence of Van Wert’s dedication to creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for pickleball players. Come play pickleball with us at K C Geiger Park’s. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Anna Village Park in Ohio. Where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport

K C Geiger Pickleball Court
Greenville Rd, Van Wert, OH, 45891, USA
Van Wert Ohio 45891
United States
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