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Jaquith Park Pickleball Court

Greetings from Jaquith Park in Newberg, Oregon, a bustling location for pickleball players looking for a large and friendly outdoor playing surface. There are twelve well-kept outdoor hard and asphalt pickleball courts in our park, offering a dedicated area for players of all skill levels to enjoy this thrilling game.

Jaquith Park has meticulously constructed twelve outdoor pickleball courts with permanent lines that precisely delineate the boundaries of the playing area. With no interruptions, these lines guarantee a steady and polished playing surface, letting players concentrate entirely on the thrill of the game.

At Jaquith Park, we commit to promoting inclusivity and fostering a sense of community involvement. Therefore, we welcome walk-ins, and reservations are not needed. The courts are available for your enjoyment regardless of your level of experience. To ensure your comfort and convenience during your pickleball sessions, the facility includes a variety of services, such as drinking fountains and restrooms.

The Newberg Pickleball Club (NPC), a thriving group committed to advancing the game, is happy to call Jaquith Park home. All club members receive nets and balls from the NPC, which promotes a helpful and cooperative atmosphere. Everyday group sessions begin approximately an hour after sunrise on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and last until 11 AM. Club members also benefit from free play.

To become a member of the Newberg Pickleball Club, drop-ins pay a minimal fee of $2 every visit, which covers the purchase of equipment. Since the club is a recognized branch of the Columbia River Pickleball Club (CRPC), Jaquith Park is open to CRPC members at no cost. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Alder Elementary School in Oregon, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Jaquith Park Pickleball Court
1215 N Main St, Newberg, OR, 97132, USA
Newberg Oregon 97132
United States
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