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James Lee Community Center Pickleball Court

In Falls Church, Virginia, the James Lee Community Center welcomes pickleball aficionados to come enjoy the exhilaration of the game on our two beautifully constructed outdoor hard courts. Our facility offers first-rate amenities and a lively community vibe, making it a friendly place for players of all skill levels.

The two outdoor hard courts at James Lee Community Center serve as designated pickleball areas with clearly defined boundaries marked by permanent lines. The permanent nature of these lines guarantees a uniform and polished playing surface, freeing players to concentrate solely on the thrill of the game. Players are invited to bring their own nets to give a personalized touch to their game even if the court does not supply any.

The James Lee Community Center has a number of amenities to help you enjoy your time on the courts even more. There are easily accessible restrooms, so you can be comfortable while playing pickleball. The addition of lighting extends the playing season, allowing for nighttime matches and providing players with the opportunity to use the courts after hours. Furthermore, having access to water facilities guarantees that players will be able to maintain their energy and hydration levels during games.

Pickleball courts at James Lee Community Center are easily accessible and open to the public for free. This is one of the center’s noteworthy features. This is consistent with our mission to build physical exercise, encourage community involvement, and offer a venue for people to connect over their passion of pickleball. The courts at James Lee Community Centre provide an inviting and free atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, regardless of experience level. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Altavista YMCA Pickleball in Virginia, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

James Lee Community Center Pickleball Court
2855 Annandale Rd, Falls Church, VA, 22042, USA
Falls Church Virginia 22042
United States
Phone: 7035343387
Url: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/
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