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James Kenney Park Pickleball Court

Located in the center of Berkeley, California, the James Kenney Park Pickleball Court is a hidden treasure for pickleball enthusiasts. The solitary, finely constructed outdoor hard court in our park provides a specific area where participants can participate in the thrilling, quick-paced game of pickleball.

James Kenney Park’s outdoor hard court is proof of our dedication to giving pickleball players an excellent facility. The permanent lines on this dedicated court precisely define the boundaries, ensuring a professional and consistent playing surface. The court’s authenticity is heightened by the permanent net, creating an atmosphere that accommodates both experienced players and beginners.

Our goal is to make pickleball available to all members of the community, therefore access to the court at James Kenney Park is free of charge. This all-inclusive strategy encourages physical exercise, builds community, and creates a venue for people to connect over their mutual passion of pickleball. Our court invites you for a fun and free playing experience, regardless of your level of experience or desire to learn a new sport.

James Kenney Park offers services including drinking fountains and restrooms to improve your visit overall. We work hard to make your visit at our park as enjoyable as we can since we think that convenience and comfort are crucial components of a great pickleball experience.

Come play pickleball with us at Berkeley’s James Kenney Park Pickleball Court, where permanent lines, amenities, and an outdoor hard court combine to offer the ideal environment for players of all ages and abilities. Our park welcomes you for an amazing pickleball experience in California, whether you come for a friendly match or to compete in a friendly fashion. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Via Cresta Pickleball Courts in California, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

James Kenney Park Pickleball Court
1720 8th St, Berkeley, CA, 94710, USA
Berkeley California 94710
United States
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