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Irene Sheldon Park Pickleball Court

Discover the excitement of pickleball at Irene Sheldon Park in the quaint Connecticut village of Killingworth! This park, which offers four immaculate outdoor hard courts and the ideal combination of natural settings and well-designed facilities for an amazing playing experience, has become a favorite among pickleball fans.

Irene Sheldon Park’s four outdoor hard courts are evidence of the park’s dedication to provide pickleball players a first-rate facility. These courts create an expert and uniform playing surface with their permanent lines that precisely define the borders. Pickleball is an exciting activity that can be played outside while taking in the beauty of the natural world.

Notably, participants are urged to carry their own nets even though the lines are permanent. This distinctive feature gives players the option to customize the game by enabling them to arrange their nets anyway they see fit. Because of the net setup’s flexibility, players can customize the game to their preference, which improves the overall playing experience.

While you play exhilarating games on the courts, the park offers other features to make your visit more enjoyable. There are easily accessible restrooms, so you can be comfortable while playing pickleball. Apart from keeping players hydrated and energetic, Irene Sheldon Park is well-equipped to serve as a pickleball enthusiast’s paradise.

Come enjoy the thrill of pickleball combined with the unspoiled beauty of the outdoors at Irene Sheldon Park in Killingworth. Irene Sheldon Park provides an unmatched pickleball experience in the center of Connecticut, whether you come for the accessible and free courts, the friendly neighborhood vibe, or the excitement of the game itself. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Bristol Eastern High School in Connecticut. Where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.  

Irene Sheldon Park Pickleball Court
199 Deep River Rd # 181, Killingworth, CT, 06419, USA
Killingworth Connecticut 06419
United States
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