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Hoosick Falls Armory

At Hoosick Falls Armory in Hoosick Falls, New York, enjoy the joys of pickleball! The facility has three indoor wood courts with available movable nets and permanent lines, making it the perfect place for players of all ability levels. The finest aspect? You can use it for free!

The Hoosick Falls Armory’s indoor wood courts provide a dependable and cozy playing surface. Permanence of the lines guarantees a professional and well-defined playing area, which adds to a well-organized and entertaining pickleball game. Players don’t need to carry their own equipment because portable nets are provided, which increases convenience.

Hoosick Falls Armory’s is notable for its dedication to providing free court access. Because of its accessibility, pickleball is made available to everybody, promoting a feeling of community and player gatherings to enjoy the game.

In addition to the courts, Hoosick Falls Armory offers necessary facilities to improve the whole experience. Because lights are included, the game can be played for longer periods of time, even after dusk. The comfort and convenience of players during their pickleball matches are further enhanced by the availability of restrooms.

Explore pickleball’s thrill at Hoosick Falls Armory, Hoosick Falls, NY, regardless of experience. Enjoy the game, companionship, and free admission.



Hoosick Falls Armory
80 Church St, Hoosick Falls, NY, 12090, USA
Hoosick Falls New York 12090
United States
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