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Hempstead Lake State Park

Go pickleballing in Hempstead Lake State Park in West Hempstead, New York! This park has become a prominent destination for pickleball fans, offering specialized grounds embellished with permanent lines and nets for an excellent playing experience, with six clean outdoor acrylic and hard courts.

The six outdoor courts  are distinguished by their acrylic and hard floors, which provide a dependable and consistent playing surface. These specialized courts provide a professional setting for players of all ability levels, whether they are participating in friendly matches or more competitive games.

Hempstead Lake State Park provides critical facilities to enhance the entire gaming experience. Enjoy a break between bouts with easy access to food options, and relax knowing that bathrooms and water facilities are nearby. The intentional incorporation of these facilities enhances pickleball aficionados’ comfort and enjoyment during their visit.

The exceptional facilities are available for a one-time charge, indicating the park’s dedication to provide a high-quality pickleball environment. This charge not only helps to maintain the park, but it also helps to nurture a flourishing pickleball community inside its grounds.

In conclusion, Hempstead Lake State Park in West Hempstead, New York, is a renowned pickleball destination thanks to its six outdoor acrylic and hard courts, specialized setup, needed facilities, and one-time cost. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for competitive matches or a newbie eager to learn the sport, this park provides a welcoming setting where the joy of pickleball and the beauty of West Hempstead meet. Discover additional pickleball courts 17th Avenue West Park in Florida. Where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Hempstead Lake State Park
1000 Lake Dr, West Hempstead, NY, 11552, USA
West Hempstead New York 11552
United States
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