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Granite Knolls Park

Discover the pleasures of pickleball at Granite Knolls Park in Mohegan Lake, New York, where six perfectly planned outdoor asphalt courts welcome players of all skill levels. Granite Knolls Park, known as a leading location for pickleball fans, provides a vibrant and friendly environment in which to participate in this fast-paced and entertaining activity.

Granite Knolls Park’s six outdoor asphalt courts are committed to providing players with a quality and consistent playing surface. These courts, which have fixed lines and nets, provide a perfect setting for both friendly and competitive play. Granite Knolls Park invites players of all backgrounds to its thriving pickleball community, whether you’re honing your abilities or taking up the sport for the first time.

Granite Knolls Park is notable for its commitment to accessibility and inclusion. The courts are free to the public, so that everyone may experience the excitement of pickleball without financial restraints. This open attitude helps to Granite Knolls Park’s dynamic and varied pickleball community.

We provide necessary facilities to enhance the gaming experience. Restrooms are easily located, ensuring comfort over long periods of play. The park also stresses wheelchair accessibility, making the pickleball courts accessible to people of all abilities.

The code not only provides a location to play pickleball, but it also functions as a social gathering spot and a hub for active living in Mohegan Lake. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Granite Knolls Park’s six dedicated courts, free access, and thoughtful facilities make it a standout location for pickleball players looking for both fun and community. Come join the fun at Granite Knolls Park, where the courts are not only free but also a bustling arena for the love of the game.

Granite Knolls Park
2990 Stoney St, Mohegan Lake, NY, 10547, USA
Mohegan Lake New York 10547
United States
Phone: 9142635271
Url: http://www.yorktownny.org/
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