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Gavin Park Town of Wilton Pickleball Court

Enjoy a thrilling pickleball experience at Gavin Park Town of Wilton , located in the lovely village of Wilton, Saratoga Springs, New York. This top facility entices pickleball aficionados with a total of ten hard courts, giving a spacious and varied place for players to enjoy the game in beautiful surroundings.

Gavin Park Town of Wilton has a well-rounded offering of four outdoor and six indoor pickleball courts, allowing aficionados to enjoy their favorite sport year-round, regardless of weather. The permanent lines on the courts produce a professional and standardized playing surface, improving the entire experience for players of all abilities.

Beyond the courts, Gavin Park offers on-site amenities such as restrooms, drinking fountains, and snack options. Making reservations is simple, assuring an organized experience for all players. In September 2023, we repaired and resurfaced the outdoor courts, ensuring a high-quality playing surface. While outside portable nets may not be accessible throughout the winter, players are advised to bring their own to continue playing outdoor pickleball. Vending machines nearby provide a convenient way to get a quick snack or refreshment in between matches.

In the spirit of inclusivity, Gavin Park not only acknowledges the possible issue given by the lack of outdoor movable nets, but also offers a solution: players bring their own equipment. This proactive approach is consistent with Gavin Park’s broader goal of establishing a vibrant and accessible community area for pickleball fans, where the sport can thrive regardless of the weather.

In summary, Gavin Park in Saratoga Springs, NY, invites pickleball players to bring their own nets throughout the winter months. It demonstrates the facility’s commitment to offering a year-round haven for pickleball. Discover additional pickleball courts such as East Side Rec Field in Saratoga Springs, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport. 

Gavin Park Town of Wilton Pickleball Court
10 Lewis Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866, USA
Saratoga Springs New York 12866
United States
Phone: 5185871939
Url: http://www.townofwilton.com/
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