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Delta Mills Park

Delta Mills Park, located in the vibrant city of Lansing, Michigan, is a popular pickleball destination, providing a fantastic outdoor setting for players of all levels. With six dedicated outdoor hard courts, it has become a favorite destination for those looking for a fun and inexpensive pickleball experience.

One of Delta Mills Park’s most notable aspects is that the courts are accessible to the public and absolutely free to use. This accessibility pledge matches with Lansing’s commitment to encouraging an active and healthy community, and it makes pickleball available to everyone, regardless of age or ability level.

Delta Mills Park offers a variety of amenities for the convenience and comfort of its players. Restrooms are easily accessible, allowing you to refresh or take a break as needed throughout your pickleball sessions. Water is also available, helping players to stay hydrated and rejuvenated during matches, which is especially crucial in hot weather.

In summary, Delta Mills Park in Lansing, Michigan, is an excellent pickleball location, featuring six dedicated outdoor courts with fixed lines and nets that are all free to use. You’ll find a welcome and well-maintained pickleball facility here, whether you’re a local wishing to enjoy a casual game of pickleball or a visitor looking for an active and cost-free outdoor experience. Come enjoy the sport of pickleball at Delta Mills Park, where the courts are ready for action and the amenities ensure your comfort throughout your pickleball trip. Discover additional pickleball courts such as Allendale Charter Township Park in Michigan, where you can immerse yourself in the joy of the sport.

Delta Mills Park
7001 Old River Trl, Lansing, MI, 48917, USA
Lansing Michigan 48917
United States
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