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Coehadjoe Park Court

Welcome to Coehadjoe Park, Ocala’s top pickleball location, where the game’s passion meets exceptional facilities. Coehadjoe Park, located in the center of Ocala, Florida, has become the go-to destination for pickleball fans of all abilities, providing a top-notch experience in a lovely outdoor environment.

The eight immaculately kept outdoor asphalt courts, purpose-built to meet the demands of pickleball players, are at the heart of Coehadjoe Park’s attraction. These courts have fixed lines and nets, providing constant and high-quality play for both novices and seasoned professionals. Coehadjoe Park provides it all, whether you want a casual encounter or a fierce clash.

Coehadjoe Park’s amenities are intended to enhance your entire experience. On-site restrooms are available to keep you comfortable throughout your games. Access to fresh water keeps you hydrated, and wheelchair accessibility allows everyone to enjoy the game. Because there is illumination, the pleasure does not cease when the sun goes down, allowing for nighttime play and prolonged hours of enjoyment.

But Coehadjoe Park is more than simply a pickleball paradise; it’s a place to meet, compete, and participate in the excitement of this amazing activity. Whether you live in Ocala or are coming from out of town, Coehadjoe Park welcomes you to enjoy the fellowship and excitement that pickleball delivers. Whether you’re a singles player, a doubles aficionado, or simply trying to develop your abilities, this park provides the space and resources you need to make the most of your pickleball enthusiasm. Florida offers additional courts where you can have a fantastic time enjoying pickleball

Coehadjoe Park Court
4225 NE 35th St, Ocala, FL, 34479, USA
Ocala Florida 34479
United States
Phone: 3522075435
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