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Boulevard and 5th street

Come and join the lively pickleball community at Boulevard and 5th Street in Jacksonville, FL. Here, the joy of playing the game is alive in a humble and inviting outdoor spot.

Find two outdoor courts where you can play pickleball. These courts are big spaces where you can enjoy the game, with the nice weather of Jacksonville.

At the intersection of Boulevard and 5th Street, you have the opportunity to do things yourself. You will have to bring your own net and set it up to start playing the game. Moreover, the lines on the courts are like an empty page where you can make your own limits, making your matches more unique and personal.

This place is great for people who love playing pickleball and want to be able to customize their games. Whether you’re getting better at playing or having a relaxed game with your friends, Boulevard and 5th Street provides a place for you to fully enjoy playing pickleball in your own way.

At Boulevard and 5th Street in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll find:

  1. Open-Air Play: Have fun playing pickleball outside in the great Florida weather on these courts. Breathing in clean air and basking in the warmth of the sun is a delightful experience.
  2. DIY Flexibility: Do it yourself flexibility: You can bring your own net and make your own lines. This means you can set up the court however you want. This practical way of doing things lets you customize your games to match what you like.
  3. Casual Atmosphere: This place is great for relaxed and informal activities with friends and family. If you are teaching someone new to the game or having a friendly match, the laid-back atmosphere creates a friendly environment.

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Boulevard and 5th street
5th, Jacksonville, FL, 32220, USA
Jacksonville Florida 32220
United States
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