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Bois D’Arc Park

Welcome to Bois D’Arc Park, the best place for people who love pickleball in Shawnee, Kansas. Bois D’Arc Park is located in the middle of this lively community and has everything you need to have a great time playing pickleball.

This park has 8 carefully maintained outdoor hard courts, where you can have challenging matches or friendly games. These courts are only for playing pickleball. They have permanent lines and nets to make the game consistent and genuine. Whether you have been playing for a long time or are just starting out, these courts provide the perfect place to improve your skills and have fun playing matches with your friends and other people who love the same things you do.

One good thing about Bois D’Arc Park is that you can easily book these really nice courts. This means that you can plan ahead for your games, making sure there will be a place for you and your group to play when you arrive. And you know what the best thing is. You can play on these awesome courts without having to pay anything – they are completely free for everyone in the community to enjoy.

Along with the great courts, Bois D’Arc Park also knows how important it is to have necessary amenities for a comfortable and fun pickleball experience. The park has bathrooms that are easy to find. You can use them to freshen up after a tough game. This will make your time on the court more enjoyable. Staying hydrated is important, and having water nearby can help you stay hydrated while you play.

Bois D’Arc Park is a symbol of Shawnee’s dedication to building a close-knit community and promoting outdoor activities.

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Bois D’Arc Park
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