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Blue Valley Recreation Center at Hilltop

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, the Blue Valley Recreation Center at Hilltop is a great place for people who love playing pickleball. This facility has eight clean indoor hard courts and shows how much the city loves this sport that is becoming popular quickly.

At Blue Valley Recreation Center, we really care about pickleball and have spent a lot of money to give our players the best stuff. The courts are perfect for pickleball players, as they have permanent lines that ensure accuracy and consistency in every game. Portable nets are easy to find and can be used anytime to make playing a game more convenient for you.

We want you to have fun all the time, so you can play games at night under the beautiful Kansas sky with the lights on. It will be really enjoyable. No matter if you wake up early or stay up late, you can always rely on well-lit courts to keep having fun.

To enter this great place for playing pickleball, we only ask for a small fee that you only pay once. This fee guarantees that you can enjoy the game without any interruptions. Are you concerned about the courts being too full. Whether you are an experienced pickleball player or simply interested in trying out the sport, Blue Valley Recreation Center at Hilltop is the place for you. Come and join us for exciting games, fun competitions, and a memorable pickleball experience in the center of Overland Park.

To use the courts, you just have to pay a fee once. This simple method allows you to concentrate on the game without the difficulty of paying regularly or having a membership.

Blue Valley Recreation Center at Hilltop
7720 W 143rd St, Overland Park, KS, 66223, USA
Overland Park Kansas 66223
United States
Phone: (913) 685-6090
Url: http://www.bluevalleyrec.org/
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