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Aurora Heights Park

Pickleball fans will find Aurora Heights Park in Newton, Iowa, an inviting location. The park features three dedicated outdoor pickleball courts made of asphalt. It is important to note that the pickleball net used at this location may be slightly taller than a standard pickleball net, although the lines overlay a tennis court to establish a designated playing area.

One of the benefits of playing pickleball at Aurora Levels Park is that the courts are allowed to utilize. As a result, it is a cost-effective and convenient choice for players of all skill levels. You can play the game for free, no matter how experienced you are or how new you are.

Aurora Heights Park offers a variety of amenities for the convenience of players in addition to the courts. You can get a bite to eat before or after your game thanks to the nearby food options. Bathrooms are likewise open nearby, guaranteeing that you have the fundamental offices during your visit. Additionally, water is provided to keep you hydrated throughout your pickleball session.

Even though the net height differs slightly from that of a standard pickleball net, Aurora Heights Park’s courts are still a great place to play the game. The clear boundaries provided by the overlaid lines enable precise gameplay. Playing on the asphalt surface is guaranteed to be consistent and dependable.

In the event that you’re in Newton, Iowa, and hoping to play pickleball, Aurora Levels Park is an extraordinary decision. The park provides pickleball enthusiasts with an enjoyable and convenient setting thanks to its free access, three outdoor asphalt courts, nearby food options, restrooms, and water supply. Simply know that the net might be without a doubt taller than a common pickleball net because of the overlay on a tennis court.

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Aurora Heights Park
2029 1st Ave E, Newton, IA, 50208, USA
Newton Iowa 50208
United State
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