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Visit the Ashalnd Area YMCA in Ashland, Kentucky, where the thrilling game of pickleball is available for everyone! Pickleball is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a fun and interesting game that mixes parts of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, and our facility provides a terrific atmosphere to enjoy this rapidly expanding sport.

Two indoor pickleball courts are available at the Ashalnd Area YMCA, allowing you to play year-round, rain or shine, at our cutting-edge facility. Although indoor games are so convenient, you never have to worry about the weather having an impact on your game, which frees you up to concentrate only on improving your skills and having fun. The courts’ permanent lines guarantee a stable and professional playing surface, boosting the overall experience for players of all skill levels. Additionally, we offer transportable nets that make it simple to set up and modify the courts to your tastes.

The facility offers a friendly environment for players of all ages and ability levels, whether you’re a seasoned pickleball enthusiast or a novice eager to learn. You can develop your abilities, play informal games with other aficionados, or take part in leagues and contests created just for that purpose. Every game is a fun social event thanks to the unmatched camaraderie among participants at the Ashalnd Area YMCA.

Reservations are available to make sure that you secure your court time, providing you the assurance that you’ll have reserved playing times that work with your schedule. When it comes to scheduling courts and giving you any information you might need to enjoy your visit, our staff is always available to help. Please be aware that pickleball is only available to YMCA members in the Ashalnd Area YMCA.

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Ashalnd Area YMCA
3232 13th St, Ashland, KY, 41102, USA
Ashland Kentucky 41102
United States
Phone: 6064656303
Url: http://www.ashlandareaymca.org/
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