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Archbald Borough Park

Come join us for an exciting game of pickleball at Archbald Borough Park in Jermyn, PA! The park offers a fantastic asphalt court where you can indulge in this thrilling sport. Players are responsible for creating their own lines on the court and bringing their own net for play.

Archbald Borough Park in Jermyn, PA is an ideal destination for pickleball enthusiasts. The park provides convenient amenities to enhance the playing experience for all visitors. You’ll have access to food options, restrooms, and the park is wheelchair accessible, ensuring that everyone can actively participate and enjoy the game comfortably. These amenities contribute to a welcoming and accommodating environment for players at Archbald Borough Parks.

In addition, Archbald Borough Park actively promotes inclusivity by providing wheelchair accessibility. This means that individuals with mobility challenges can join in the fun and actively participate in pickleball games. Whether you use a wheelchair or have mobility limitations, rest assured that Archbald Borough Parks warmly welcomes and supports your involvement in pickleball. The accessible facilities create opportunities for players of all abilities to come together, fostering unity and enjoyment within the pickleball community. Please remember to bring your own equipment, including paddles and balls, as well as materials to mark the lines on the court. Players should set up the lines themselves prior to playing since they are not permanently marked. This collaborative effort ensures that everyone can have a fair and enjoyable game.

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Archbald Borough Park
403 Hudson St, Jermyn, PA, 18433, USA
Jermyn Pennsylvania 18433
United State
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