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At the popular Alexander Family YMCA in Raleigh, North Carolina, enjoy the exciting game of pickleball! The YMCA is the ideal location if you want to play indoor pickleball in a top-notch facility. You’ll have plenty of room on the three wood courts set aside for pickleball to demonstrate your strength, play friendly games, and fully immerse yourself in the exciting sport.

You will immediately notice the excellent playing surface when you enter the courts at Alexander Family YMCA. Permanent markings on the courts guarantee distinct borders, ensuring an even playing field for all participants. You can set up and begin playing right away thanks to the portable nets that are offered. The courts are made to suit players of all skill levels, whether you’re an experienced competitor or an absolute beginner.

For the pickleball courts at the Alexander Family YMCAs, reservations can be made to guarantee convenience and availability. By doing so, you can reserve your chosen playing time in advance and assure yourself a spot on the pitch. It is strongly advised to make reservations to guarantee a seamless and well-organized trip.

A membership to the Alexander Family YMCA is necessary to use the pickleball courts. In addition to giving you access to the outstanding pickleball facilities, becoming a member also gives you access to a wide number of other perks and YMCA amenities. At the Alexander Family YMCA, they recognize the value of giving our members a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The building has conveniences like food selections, restrooms, and drinking fountains. Everything you require is nearby, whether you need a quick bite in between matches or a cool drink to stay hydrated.

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Alexander Family YMCA
1603 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC, 27605, USA
Raleigh North Carolina 27605
United States
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