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ADERO Scottsdale Resort

Visit the ADERO Scottsdale Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, to play pickleball in the most perfect location. The venue, which is located right in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona, provides the ideal environment for pickleball players. The ADERO Scottsdale Resort offers six outdoor hard courts, an amazing place for players to indulge in their love of the game.

The resort has specialized pickleball courts that have been meticulously designed to meet the highest standards. Each court has fixed nets and lines to provide even play and a professional experience. On these excellent courts, pickleball players of all skill levels may experience the thrill of the game.

The ADERO Scottsdale Resort has a system for booking courts for your convenience. This gives you the chance to reserve your chosen playing time and guarantees that you can enjoy uninterrupted pickleball games with friends, family, or other visitors. You may plan your activities at the resort to the fullest extent thanks to the flexibility added by the possibility to reserve courts in advance.

The pickleball courts are open to the public, but you must pay a one-time fee to use them. In order to keep the courts in top shape for all players, this fee helps with maintenance and upkeep. By making improvements to the facilities, ADERO Scottsdale Resorts makes sure pickleball players can have a first-rate playing experience.

You’ll value the conveniences offered at ADERO Scottsdale Resort in Arizona as you participate in thrilling games. With the lighting on the courts, play is possible into the night, increasing the fun time. Along with offering comfort and convenience, strategically placed restrooms ensure a pleasurable experience for players both on and off the courts.

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ADERO Scottsdale Resort
13225 North Eagle Ridge Drive Scottsdale, Arizona 85268
Scottsdale Arizona 85268
United States
Phone: (480) 333-1900
Url: https://www.aderoscottsdale.com/
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