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The ideal pickleball court is located in Richmond Heights, Missouri’s A.B. Green Park and there are Four outdoor, asphalt pickleball courts available in this beautiful park, where you can enjoy the exhilarating sport. These courts are useful for players of all abilities, whether they are seasoned competitors or brand-new to the game.

The courts at A.B. Green Park have meticulously painted permanent lines that ensure distinct bounds for precise gameplay. Although the lines are ready to play, it’s vital to remember that you’ll need to bring your own net to set up for your games. This gives you more versatility and freedom to match your playing tastes. Contrary to several places, reservations are not necessary or available here. Instead, participants can drop by whenever it’s convenient and play thrilling matches with like-minded fans. This makes it the perfect location for casual games, interacting, and meeting other pickleball enthusiasts.

A.B. Green Park offers a number of conveniences to increase your level of comfort and ease. To ensure that players have easy access to amenities throughout their visit, restrooms are strategically placed throughout the park. You may also find water stations to stay hydrated and regenerated throughout arduous battles. One of its unique features is that the courts have lights.

So that you can play pickleball well into the evening, which enables prolonged playing hours. Every game played under the lights is a spectacular experience because of the environment’s bright lighting, which creates a vivid and spirited atmosphere.

A.B. Green Park in Richmond Heights, Missouri is where you should go, so get your paddles and your own net. A.B. Green Park’s free use of the courts is one of its outstanding features. Due to this, pickleball players of various ages and abilities can choose it as an economical option. You can take advantage of the thrill of the game without paying any extra money, whether you live in the area or are just visiting.

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A.B. Green Park
7875 Dale Ave, Saint Louis, MO, 63117, USA
Richmond Heights Missouri 63117
United States
Phone: (314) 645-1476
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