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Bayville Farms Park Pickleball Courts

Bayville Farms Park

Come and join the pickleball fun at Bayville Farms Park in Virginia Beach, VA! The park offers two outdoor hard courts for pickleball enthusiasts to enjoy. These pickleball courts are created by overlaying the pickleball lines on a standard tennis court, which means the net used is slightly taller than the usual pickleball net. This […]

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Bow Creek Recreation Center

Bow Creek Recreation Center

The Bow Creek Recreation Center is located in the middle of Virginia Beach and is loved by people who enjoy playing pickleball. It is a great place to have exciting matches and feel connected to others. Known as a popular place for pickleball in the area, this facility has three indoor hard courts where people

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Little Island Park

Little Island Park

Fantastic pickleball courts have recently been added to Little Island Park, an exciting leisure area, giving pickleball players of all ages and ability levels a stimulating and welcoming space. The pickleball courts at Little Island Park provide a top-notch playing experience by the shore and are located in the lovely park surroundings. The painstaking construction

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Opus Select

Opus Select Pickleball Court

Opus Select, located in the middle of Virginia Beach, VA, offers a relaxing and elevated pickleball experience. Step into our perfectly maintained outdoor hard court, which is only dedicated to pickleball fans. Opus Select, with a single court equipped with a permanent net and lines, provides an intimate atmosphere for players to indulge in their

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