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Bob Keefer Center

Bob Keefer Center

Located in the center of Springfield, Oregon, the Bob Keefer Center is a highly respected place for people who love playing pickleball. It shows how much the sport is loved by the local community. This center is really great and has a strong dedication to giving people the best recreational experiences. It is a top […]

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Clark State College, Main Campus

Clark State College Main Campus, located in the vibrant city of Springfield, Ohio, has developed as a terrific location for pickleball fans looking for an exciting outdoor setting for their favorite sport. This campus’s three carefully kept outdoor asphalt courts provide a big and inviting environment for players of all skill levels to get together

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Hooes Road Park

Hooes Road Park

A hidden gem for pickleball enthusiasts seeking the perfect balance of neighborhood camaraderie and outdoor fun is Hooes Road Park in Springfield, Virginia. Embracing the increasingly popular game of pickleball, this charming park has two outdoor hard courts. The rhythmic bounce of bright yellow pickleballs against the asphalt and the synchronized strikes of paddles greet

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