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Chesterfield Family Center

Chesterfield Family Center

The Chesterfield Family Center, located in the heart of Springfield, Missouri, has evolved as a beloved hub for pickleball fans, providing a unique experience for players of all skill levels. This facility has caught the hearts of the community, pulling players from far and wide to its friendly embrace. It has a reputation as one […]

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Dan Kinney Family Center

Dan Kinney Family Center

Prepare to be enthralled with pickleball at the Dan Kinney Family Center in Springfield, MO! Our outstanding facility features three well-maintained indoor courts committed to providing you with the best pickleball experience possible. The fixed lines on these courts ensure precision and consistency in every game, and we offer portable nets for your convenience, making

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Doling Family Center

Doling Family Center

Discover the excitement of pickleball at the Doling Family Center in Springfield, Missouri, where the game comes to life in a one-of-a-kind and welcoming environment. This facility is great for pickleball aficionados to congregate and enjoy the sport, since it has two dedicated outdoor hard pickleball courts that provide a twist to the game. This

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Global Impact STEM Academy

Global Impact STEM Academy

The Global Impact STEM Academy, located in the heart of Springfield, Ohio, has emerged as a popular and thriving destination for pickleball enthusiasts, providing a vibrant outdoor space for players to engage in the exciting and rapidly growing sport. This academy, which has four meticulously designed outdoor hard courts, has become a go-to location for

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Riga Town Park Pickleball Court New York

South Run Recreation Center

There are no court or membership fees for using the two hard courts at South Run Recreation Center. The court type is listed as hard; there is no information about whether lights are available for night play. On these hard surfaces, players can still enjoy outdoor play even in the absence of enclosed courts. The

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Reta Huskey Park Pickleball Court Idaho

Springfield Golf & Country Club

Welcome to the thrilling outdoor pickleball experience at Springfield Golf & Country Club in Springfield, Missouri! Our four outdoor courts are the ideal location for pickleball players of all skill levels to enjoy the game in a stunning setting, nestled within the scenic grandeur of our country club. Springfield Golf & Country Club’s courts are

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