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10th East Senior Center

Pickleball players in Salt Lake City, Utah, have a great place to visit: the 10th East Senior Center. The 10th East Senior Center, housed in this building focused on the community, offers a beautiful setting for pickleball players of all ages can enjoy this exhilarating sport. Four hard courts in total are available for use […]

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City Hall Park

City Hall Park, located in the middle of Salt Lake City, Utah, has become a popular pickleball destination. With its clean location and welcoming amenities, this urban park has become a hotspot for both seasoned players and newbies eager to experience the excitement of pickleball. The City Hall Park pickleball courts are more than just

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Lodestone Park

Play Pickleball at Lodestone Park

For outdoor enthusiasts, Lodestone Park is an excellent recreation area with a variety of activities. Among its many attractions, the park has excellent pickleball courts, making it a great place for people of all ages to enjoy the thrilling game. At Lodestone, the pickleball courts are thoughtfully constructed and kept in good condition. Players may

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